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The Story of Mehrpouyan Sabz Andisheh NGO/NPO (MSANGO)

“From a Dream to Reality”


Living in the closed society of Iran is characterized by little social actions, suffocated intellectualism, and a great interest in elitism have made us think of activities in the fields of adult citizenship education and local/community development. This has drawn us to the poor and marginal districts of our city, Isfahan. To help establish a “sustainable community”, we relied on the extant social capital and people’s active collaboration so that we could take steps, however small they might be, to empower and develop the deprived human communities in the poor and marginal areas of the city. MSANGO was basically aimed at and established for bottom-up movements, activism, and the participation of the civil society and responsible citizens in making changes, helping human and local development (community-based development) along with encouraging the culture of peace and cooperation.

We were basically concerned with developing the civil society, increasing public awareness, boosting the culture of peace, empowering social capital, and human development in deprived and excluded areas.

Our great motivation, sense of commitment and dedication along with our thoughts and ideas which we had all in common brought us a great sense of belonging; the result of which was the formation of an active community in 2016 which was later officially registered as Mehrpouyan Sabz Andisheh NGO (MSANGO) in 2017. This is how MSANGO came into existence and started its activities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to actively get involved in supporting and helping vulnerable social groups and those living in deprived and marginal areas to grow and develop their capacities and their communities.


Our Values

  1. Our belief in human dignity, human agency, equal access- especially for women and children- to social and individual opportunities and resources for growth and development.
  2. Making all possible attempts to achieve sustainable development and peace.
  3. Making attempts to reduce poverty, to avoid violence and to realize social justice.
  4. Encouraging critical dialogues, accepting others, collaborative thinking, transparency and responsiveness in civil institutions.
  5. Boosting cooperative and community-based development approaches both in theory and practice.
  6. Belief in the important roles of education, consulting, social facilitating, and skills development for better job access and making a better life.
  7. Empowering deprived and disadvantaged women and children in their local community.
  8. Involve the local assets and capacities regardless of their religion, race, nationality or any other type of discrimination.to achieve self-governing
  9. Using related theories, research results, models and practical advice- both at local and international levels- to improve management, quality and efficiency, and effectiveness of our work.
  10. Mutual collaboration with different agencies, offices and civil institutions to achieve our goals.


Target Community of MSANGO

Disadvantaged mothers and children of excluded areas of the city and those of villages who have little or no chance of education, gaining professional as well as social and communication skills.


At present MSANGO is active in the marginal area of Arzanan, zeinabieh, 14 district, Isfahan, Iran.


MSANGO’s Approach

  • Cooperative approach in education, activities and management
  • A peaceful, development- based view
  • Poverty reduction and enhancing social justice through a community-based development approach
  • Boosting awareness, the spirit of collaboration, sense of belonging and sense of responsibility of all those involved in MSANGO


MSANGO’s Goals

  • Educate and empower disadvantaged population in deprived areas and villages
  • Increase women and children’s life skills
  • Promote and support voluntary and cooperative-based activities
  • Organize and train social activists, peace-builders and facilitators
  • Hold seminars and workshops related to the goals of MSANGO’s
  • Produce, compile and publish educational content related to the goals of MSANGO’s.


MSANGO’s Vision

Actualizing the process of human and community development in villages and marginal and excluded areas of cities through a community-based development approach



MSANGO’s Activities

  • Hold regular meetings and workshops to enhance the knowledge of members and to train facilitators and volunteers
  • Design and run educational courses and classes, such as literacy, reading clubs, English language, dressmaking, arts and crafts, cooking and nutrition, environmental issues, life skills, yoga, parenting, youth self-care, computer skills, painting, children’s programs, theatre, etc., for women, children and the youth in the excluded and marginal area of Arzanan, Isfahan.
  • Provide and equip MSANGO in Arzanan with necessary educational facilities
  • Design and direct educational, sportive and fun tours for mothers and children
  • Support children deprived of education to access the right and opportunity of education
  • Establish the office of Employment and Professional Skills Training in Arzanan to help and connect jobseekers to the market and employers.
  • Build up connections and partnerships with government and other NGOs with similar goals to conduct projects collaboratively.
  • Equipped ten kindergartens in the deprived villages of Bazoft in Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiary province
  • Designed and led training courses for the kindergarten staff in Bazoft in collaboration with the Office of Natural Resources and Water Preservation of Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiary province.
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